Ahmed A. Alhamid A. El-Wahed


Mr. Ahmed El-Wahed firmly believes that every individual and every institution, no matter the person’s age or the institution’s size, has an instrumental role in creating civil peace and social justice. Mr. El-Wahed has lived his belief, spending the last fifteen years working in the MENA region with organizations like the Near East Foundation and International Relief Foundation, designing and implementing development projects focused on peaceful co-existence, youth education, strategic policy-making, and environmental protection. His current goal is to encourage Arab civil society organizations to become more involved in the Syrian peace talks.

Mr. El-Wahed is Chairman of the Academy for International Development – Middle East and North Africa (AID-MENA), working in the MENA region on socio-economic, socio-political, and governance and democratization issues. He is also responsible for the Heya Programme, a project that is being implemented in five countries: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Yemen. This project involves approximately 3,600 women in writing of policy papers that will be distributed and analyzed by female activists and leading political actors to push for legal and legislative reform, to achieve a less prejudices, and more gender-equitable society.

Previously, Mr. El-Wahed worked as a country director for AID-MENA, one of the leading international relief and development organizations in Yemen. In Yemen, the West Bank, Gaza, and Iraq he worked as a facilitator and mediator to bridge the gap between local NGOs and government institutions. Mr. El-Wahed provides professional and technical advice on capacity building to a variety of different organizations and institutions. In addition, Mr. El-Wahed is an accredited BRIDGE facilitator with the UN, and teaches workshop for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. These workshops focus on national and regional elections, and gender equality in the MENA region; ensuring women are empowered in political matters such as elections, governance, and democracy. The workshops have empowered participants to engage in the political and social affairs of their countries.

Mr. El Wahed holds an MA in Governance and Development from the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University, UK, and an MA in Management from Sadat Academy for Management Sciences, Cairo, Egypt.