Amine Ghali


Amine Ghali can’t pinpoint the exact moment when he knew he wanted to dedicate his life’s work to peacebuilding, but after growing up listening to the experiences of Palestinians living in the Palestinian territories, and the Second Intifada, Ghali understood the importance of conflict resolution. He hopes to one day see an Arab region free of war and conflict, a goal Ghali believes is only possible through democracies that discourage people from resorting to violence, that instead emphasize the peaceful mediation of conflicts. Mr. Ghali hopes his native country, Tunisia, will be the first to reach this goal.

Since 2008, Mr. Ghali has worked as the Program Director for Al Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center (KADEM), where he works on democracy building, institutional reform, and transitional justice in the Arab region. He also facilitates active dialogue and mediation for the United States Institute of Peace Justice and Security Dialogue project in Tunisia. Before working at KADEM, Ghali was a Program Officer at Freedom House – Arab Institute of Human Rights, focusing on partnership programs supporting human rights and democracy in the Arab region.

In the two years following the 2011 revolution in Tunisia, Ghali was appointed to both the National Commission for the Investigation of Corruption, and the National Commission on Transitional Justice Dialogue. On both commissions he facilitated dialogues between civil society organizations, political leaders, and public figures.

Mr. Ghali holds a MA in International Development Law from Université René Descartes, Sorbonne, Paris, and a BA in International Management from University of Houston, Texas.