Khadija Al-Sarhi


Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” As Ms. Khadija Al-Sarhi’s native Yemen succumbed to violence, Ms. Al-Sarhi stayed true to herself and continued to fight for sustainable peacebuilding solutions. To her, peacebuilding is the only way to prevent further violence, and is the first necessary step towards sustainable development in Yemen. Her tenacious persistence and experience in mediation and facilitation have led to successful reconciliations amongst political parties in Yemen.

Khadija Al-Sarhi is currently a PhD student in Social Sciences at Leiden University, Netherlands, and a member of the United States Institute of Peace’s Regional Facilitators Forum. Previously Ms. Al-Sarhi was engaged by multiple organization to focus on the challenges of national dialogue in Yemen. She worked as a facilitator and mediator, and later as Project Manager, for the UNOPS National Dialogue Story in Sana’a, Yemen. Prior to that Ms. Al-Sarhi successfully fundraised and trained international staff at the International Springboard Women Development Program, an award-winning development program that enables women to identify practical and realistic goals to improve their capacities as employees.

Ms. Al-Sahri also trained participants in the British Council’s educational project Dreams + Teams Youth Leadership Training in Morocco, Ethiopia, and Egypt. She was also the Assistant Director for the British Council, managing regional education, especially the sciences, in Yemen.

Ms. Al-Sarhi has a MA in Adult Education from Manchester University, and a BA in Teaching English as a Second Language from Sana’a University. She won a British Chevening Scholarship to the University of Manchester, and a Fulbright scholarship to MIT.