Khalid Ahmed Al-Wafi


Khaled Al-Wafi’s favorite saying is simple but powerful: “Peace begins with the family.” Mr. Al-Wafi firmly believes that reconciliation and sustainable peace can only succeed once family members respect each other and learn to discuss conflict and tensions in non-violent ways. In a sense, it was family that convinced Mr. Al-Wafi to dedicate his career to peacebuilding. In 2011, his native Libya experienced a violent revolution and Al-Wafi witnessed firsthand the destruction of his hometown Misrata. From that day forward, working at his private law firm, the Human Rights Association, the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), and various workshops around the MENA region, Mr. Alwafi has used his background in international human rights law to help Libyans access justice and understand the importance of reconciliation.

Khalid Alwafi is currently Director of the Human Rights Association of Misrata, Libya. He concurrently participates in the USIP Regional Facilitators Forum, and takes legal cases. the Libyan Revolution, Mr. Alwafi worked as an investigator for the Human Rights Association of Misrata, gathering evidence on war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Gadhafi regime. In 2013 Alwafi was a consultant with the International Federation for Human Rights in Paris, France, reporting on access to justice for victims of war in Libya, and successfully taking on human rights lawsuits. In Libya, he taught families of missing persons, and victims of international crimes, about available legal recourses. In 2011 Alwafi participated in an intensive Amnesty International training course on international human rights law, and the documentation of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Mr. Alwafi is a member of a number of organizations in Libya including:  the Bar Association of Misrata, the Arab Organization of Young Lawyers, the Human Rights Association, and the Libya Rule of Law Advisory Group.

Mr. Alwafi holds a BA in Law from the University of Misrata, Libya.