Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Jbouri


After witnessing first-hand the ethnic and national conflict in Kirkuk in 2003, Mohammed Jbouri was keen to contribute to the reduction of tensions in his home country of Iraq. While working in Kirkuk Jbouri had the opportunity to work with several civil society and peacebuilding organizations – including the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) – with whom he could improve his facilitation skills and better contribute to peacebuilding activities. It was also working at the community level that Jbouri realized that peace is not born in international conferences, but in the hearts and minds of people. He firmly believes that only when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will witness peace. Mr. Jboury strives to accomplish this goal every day by leading workshops and seminars for marginalized groups in areas of conflict.

Mr. Mohammed Jbouri is a lawyer, a member of the USIP Regional Facilitators Forum, the Network of Iraqi Facilitators, the Arab Network of Facilitators, a consultant, and a civil society activist in the fields of human rights, social justice, and security reform.

Previously Mr. Jbouri led theatre projects that raised public awareness about peaceful coexistence between all segments of society, and promoted cultures of non-violence and dialogue. He participated in the election monitoring efforts of the Iraqi Parliament. His efforts and achievements have led to several awards, including the honorary shield from the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights, for Mr. Jbouri’s commitment to peacebuilding. At the local level Mr. Jbouri works with women’s groups, youth groups, and marginalized communities.

Mr. Jbouri has substantial experience working with international organizations, and is a certified trainer for the UN, UNOPS, UNAMI, and the Arab Institute for Human Rights.  His background in peacebuilding provides a realistic understanding of the Iraqi context that helps him lead relevant workshops, seminars, and lectures. Additionally, Mr. Jbouri has published many articles addressing peacebuilding, peaceful coexistence, and women’s rights.

Mr. Jbouri holds a BA in Law and Management Sciences.