Saeb Sedeek Azeez Algailani


Saieb Algailani’s role as a conflict mediator is not without its challenges. In 2007, while leading a facilitation session in southern Baghdad, two conflicting parties refused to speak to each other, or even participate in Algailani’s mediation efforts. Rather than give up on the groups, he waited until the end of an intense day when the two parties finally gave in to the need for assistance, and came back to him asking for help. At that moment he recognized two things: that conflict mediators are absolutely necessary, and that there are no unresolvable conflicts, no matter the complexity of the situation, or the identity or beliefs of those involved.

Dr. Saeb Algailani is a facilitator and senior trainer for the Network of Iraqi Facilitators, and the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) Regional Facilitator Forum. Working with USIP Mr. Algailani supports the Iraqi NGO Sanad for Peacebuilding, as a facilitator and team leader in conflict resolution.

In 2008, Mr. Algailani was the chairman of Dar Alkhibra (DAKO), an Iraqi NGO working in joint collaboration with the Carnegie Institute to support Iraqi and Kurdish members of parliament. Prior to his work at DAKO, Mr. Algailani was a member of the governing council participating in the 2004 Fallujah negotiations. He chaired the board of trustees for the Iraq Initiative for Sustainable Development (IISD), and was both trustee chairman and member of the International Steering Committee with the Global Alliance for Sustainable Development (GITSI) in Iraq.

Mr. Algailani speaks Arabic, English, and Kurdish. He has a PhD in general surgery from Baghdad University, and a Bachelor of Medicine from Mosul University.